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SPACE presents Movers & Shakers event

May 19, 2012
2:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Movers & Shakers, Out on a Limb is presented by SPACE, Near & Arnold’ School of Performing Arts & Cultural Education


Movers and Shakers, Artists Out on a Limb, is a full-length theater piece onstage at SPACE Theater, 508 W. Perkins, Ukiah, performed by over 50 performers ages 8-adult. Movers & Shakers will be presented two times on Saturday, May 19, 2 pm and 7:30 pm. The 2 pm show is free to all youth ages 8-18 on a first come, first served basis.


With all the talk about mentoring programs for teens, Sandy Metzler and Laurel Near decided to create a show where young local artists would play the adult artist from whom they want to learn through distilled and lively monologues written by Metzler. The twenty artists that were selected are just a few of the artists who have taken their dance forms and song lyrics out on a limb. When those artists first arrived on the scene they may have been controversial, however, now they are a household word.


One of our featured revolutionary "movers" is Isadora Duncan, a California girl, who helped liberate women from their corsets and dance from its academic restrictions because Isadora had a distaste for conventional restraints. To dance bare foot and with loose clothing was a controversial concept. America in the early part of the 20th century was not ready for Isadora -- she shocked people. As shocking as she was, she is also credited to be the first modern choreographer who figured out just how to construct a dance. 


Fiona Fleming will perform a lyric, Going Once, Going Twice by Ani diFranco that describes a young woman saying goodbye to her former life, a poem that resonates for seniors who are leaving their hometown to go off on their next adventure.  Olivia Allen will perform a monologue as Hanya Holm, one of the early modern dancers who brought dance to musical theater and who insisted on self discipline and at the same time asked her students to dance with meaning, “Don’t show me an perfect arabesque without a heart.” Devon Near Hill will perform a monologue of Lady Gaga who has championed bully prevention programs and spoken up for gender equity. Lady Gaga’s backup dancers will be Casey Frey, India Frey and Jordan Jackson.


SPACE senior graduates who guide us through Movers & Shakers journey include Amanda Katz as Carole King, Lindsey Maurer as Malvina Reynolds, Chloe Newman singing “Loverly” from My Fair Lady, Granger Willson as Bob Dylan, Shakel Davis reciting Life of a Warrior, Hugo Montelongo as Jose Limon and Ellie Gitlin Frey as Ruth St. Denis.


Other Guest artists include Sam Kircher as Leonard Cohen with back-up singers Ali Miller and Grace Magruder, Jenny Montes as Martha Graham, Ulla Rand as Pina Bausch and Elk McCarthy as Rudolf Laban. Jenny Montes and India Frey will be performing the classic “Ninja Women” dance choreographed by Krissy Keefer and Michael Franti will be played by Bonnie Lockhart.


Bonnie Lockhart has also created a thought provoking and inspiring slideshow that is interwoven throughout the show. Co-choreographers Michael Miller, Metzler and Near fuse modern dance, original poetry and text, hip-hop and video in the uplifting and humorous look at artists out on a limb.  Tickets available at Mendocino Book Company. Movers & Shakers is generously underwritten by Sharon Lieser. For more information call 707-462-9370 or visit www.spaceperformingarts.org



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