Operation Palace Hotel

The 99 room hotel was built in 1891 and originally named the Curtis House. The brick structure is three stories in height, and stylistically derived from the Italianate mode. The name was changed in 1894 to the Palace Hotel when J.D. Curtis sold his interest. It is an important architectural representative of its era, as well as a significant cultural resource to our community.

While the structure has been repaired and refurbished in times past, it has been seriously neglected over the past twenty or so years. UMSP is an active member of the grassroots group, Friends of the Palace, who is currently working with the ways of restoring this building in hopes of  preserving it for future generations! 

RECENT UPDATES: The City of Ukiah is currently working with the owner to actively correct and repair the building to bring the building "up to code"; there will be a meeting March 21st, 2012 to discuss abatement options if the repairs have not been made at that time.  

Check in often on this site for information about complete details of the project including the history of the property, tons of photos, the current status of restoration and repairs, and the timetable of events to come.

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